Accounts Receivable

Discover the Fastest Financing Options

One of the biggest problems with traditional loans is the amount of time it takes for approval. With many business needs, you don’t have time to wait. Having to put your plans on hold for weeks or months takes away business flexibility and can make you miss important opportunities. That never happens when you use accounts receivable financing from Drawbridge Capital to invest in business growth.

Fast Approval

Our accounts receivable financing program is an ideal fit for many companies. For one thing, you don’t need to have perfect credit to apply. What matters is that you have valuable invoices to use, not your personal credit rating or business credit rating. This allows us to OK your company for our AR financing in a few days.

Fast Processing

Once you’re approved for AR financing, the process is even faster. Each time you’re in need of an infusion of capital, all you need to do is submit an appropriate invoice or accounts receivable. We can often process this financing the same day or the very next day. This gives your business unsurpassed flexibility. As soon as you see an amazing discount on business equipment or inventory, you can take advantage of it.

Fast Emergency Financing

Do you have to urgently pay suppliers, take care of taxes or handle other unexpected emergencies? AR financing is one of the best options for these needs. With a trustworthy cash advance, you can handle emergency payments without taking on any debt.

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