Healthcare Financing

Take Advantage of Increased Interest To Grow Your Medical Practice

Whenever health and wellness topics dominate the news, there tends to be a surge in urgency for medical treatment. This can provide excellent revenue for your practice and increase the amount of new patients you have. However, to capitalize on these opportunities and provide excellent patient care, it’s vital to invest in marketing and equipment. At Drawbridge Capital, we offer healthcare financing with optimal interest rates to help you grow your business at the perfect time.

How Working Capital Loans Can Improve Your Marketing

The ultimate in financial freedom, working capital loans give you funds to use for any purpose needed. This can help new and established medical practices increase their recognition. Marketing is needed to connect you with new customers and keep you in touch with past patients. Working capital can help you focus on the right digital channels:

  • Social media marketing
  • Website development
  • Email advertising
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital marketing campaigns

Why are these channels important? They’re one of the main ways to ensure that your potential customers find you. An attractive website can convince patients that you provide trustworthy, caring and professional treatment, even if you’ve never met in person before.

Healthcare Financing for Limitless Growth

At Drawbridge Capital, we also offer healthcare financing for other types of growth, including equipment financing for diagnostics equipment, treatment systems, payment systems and ergonomic seating. To discover all the ways we can help your practice triumph, speak with one of our friendly financial advisers right away.