Small Business Loan, SBA

Flexible Small Business Loans for Every Kind of Business

Many business owners think that a small business loan is primarily for retail businesses. However, while it’s true that retail shops can benefit greatly from this type of financing, the list of applicable businesses for SBA financing is actually far greater. At Drawbridge Capital, we can help many different companies to apply and qualify for small business loans:

  • Child-care businesses
  • Repair shops
  • Healthcare practices and dental clinics
  • Hotels and motels
  • Coffee shops
  • Gas stations
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Veterinary offices

With small business financing, all of these businesses can benefit from capital for increased growth. Here are some of the ways we can help your business excel.

SBA Financing for Child-Care Facilities

Professional child-care businesses can benefit significantly from small business loans. For one thing, an SBA loan can help you secure your own business location. Depending on the ages and interests of the children you care for, this financing can be useful for purchasing attractive furniture, décor, computer systems, toys and other items to educate and entertain kids. Working capital loans are practical for hiring high-quality talent as your personnel, as well as for taking care of essentials such as marketing.

Small Business Loans for E-Commerce Businesses

What if you run your business alone or with a small team primarily online? You can still qualify for a small business loan. This financing can increase your company’s visibility enormously by allowing you to invest in better web development and digital marketing. Make sure your brand is well known and trusted by industry professionals and consumers alike. Working capital can help you purchase software and other tools to streamline operations and increase your production capabilities.

SBA Financing for Restaurants

If your restaurant or coffee shop meets the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business, you can use an SBA loan to improve many facets of your business. This includes things as large as real estate or as small as mobile payment processing.

To get started with the best financing options for small business, contact us right away.