An Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

An Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Million Dollar Listing and HGTV have made being a real estate agent look like a dream job. One filled with ups and downs and occasionally the less than ideal client/customer or situation but a job that is completely worth it in the end. So now, the only question is: How do I get started?

Here’s what you need to know about how to become a real estate agent.

Terms: Realtors vs. Brokers

Real estate agents are very similar in function. The main difference between the two is the extra certification and course requirements and licensing. Most of them have an extensive amount of training and experience as well, typically more than five years. Many brokers are able to substitute a bachelor’s degree in the place of experience. All brokers are real estate agents but all real estate agents are not brokers and agents typically work for brokers unless they are self-employed.

The Qualifications

In the United States, to become a real estate agent, you must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or the equivalent. In addition to licensing fees, you must complete a certain amount of real estate courses and pass a written exam. State requirements may vary by state and most licenses are not transferable.

Being a real estate agent is a tough job. It’s not always looking at beautiful homes and dealing with the most ideal, cash, customers. It requires long hours, typically late nights and weekends to accommodate client’s work schedules. They spend a lot of time canvassing and scouting new properties, updating databases, advertising homes, and speaking to contractors. Real estate agents are tasked with dealing with all of the fine details and rules attached to buying, selling, and renting homes so being organized is a must.

Becoming a successful real estate agent will take time, practice, and patience, but it can lead to a lot of fantastic opportunities and relationships. Contact Drawbridge Capital to get started today.