Tips for Improving Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Tips for Improving Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility can give your business a greater meaning, and it may be part of your mission to be a socially engaged company. In addition, demonstrating that you care about the world around you, or helping out the local community where you do business, is good public relations. These days, people choose which businesses they deal with, or buy from, based on some serious online research. This means that paying attention to your company’s social responsibility can help you win customers or clients that might otherwise go to the competition. 

Here are some helpful tips to bring corporate social responsibility into your business:

  • Be relevant. Select a socially responsible cause that aligns with your industry or business. Think about who your customers are and choose a campaign they would be moved by. Make it as relevant as possible. For instance, if you make a product for women, choose social campaigns that resonate with women, and help women. 
  • Get employees and stockholders onboard. Your chosen social initiatives could attract quality employees and motivate them to do great work every day–for more than just the salary. Your employees can feel part of something bigger and feel a greater sense of accomplishment than they might get from working at a typical, business-and-ROI-focused company. Maybe you don’t have stockholders, but you have stakeholders and investors, and they should understand and hopefully be excited about, your goals related to social responsibility.  
  • Go beyond lip service. You’ll need to devote some time and spend some money toward the social cause or goal you’re championing, in order to be credible. Spending time, such as going to volunteer with your chosen organization as a group, can help with teambuilding at your company and can also build loyalty and improve morale.   

Establishing a socially responsible goal or platform can support and build your business in many ways. Accomplishing socially-relevant goals can enhance your brand image, but also make getting up and going to work every day more enjoyable–even on the tough days. 

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