How to Quickly Launch Your Startup

While launching a startup can be a complicated endeavor, it doesn’t have to be a neverending one. Using the following strategies, you can get your new business up and running as quickly as possible.

Don’t Worry About Perfection

To launch a startup, perfection isn’t necessary. In fact, perfection is impossible, so it’s more important that you simply produce something. If you’re hoping to sell a product, sketch it out and get started. If you’re providing a service, start building its app or writing content about what it can do for your customers. You’ll have time to tweak these things later—but there won’t be a later unless you start somewhere.

Don’t Worry About Inventing

If you have an idea for a totally new product, great! If not, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need one. In other words, many businesses have found success not by inventing something totally new but by improving an existing item or service.

Hire Remote

You can quickly hire the workers you need for your startup by embracing remote workers. The Muse’s Josh Tolan writes that remote workers are cost-effective and often quite engaged. And with today’s technology, virtual interviews can replicate many of the advantages of old, in-person hiring interactions.

Use Contractors

Another way to staff your startup is by using workers on contracts rather than making permanent hires. By hiring individuals for specific projects, you can retain their services while you need them without having to pay them indefinitely, as you would a full employee. This can reduce costs. As your business grows, you can shift toward full-time, permanent employees, though.

Lean on a Cofounder

No entrepreneur is good at everything, so don’t be afraid to bring a cofounder into the mix. Look for someone whose skills complement yours and whom you communicate well with. They can help you launch your startup speedily.

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