Tips for Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

Tips for Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

It is estimated that there are over 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses in the U.S. The bulk of these companies are small businesses, which makes it even more important to patronize and support them. So, what are the best ways to support veteran-owned businesses and brands in your community? Here are some suggestions:

Seek Them Out

Before you buy a product or hire a company for a service, do an online search in the area for veteran-owned businesses that may also meet your need. There are actually databases dedicated to identifying veteran-owned businesses across the map; use them.

Buy from Veterans

When you come across a veteran-owned business or brand, buy from them. Purchasing a product or service from a veteran is the most clear-cut way of directly supporting these entrepreneurs. Each sale supports and helps these companies prosper. Thank you in advance for your patronage!

Employ Veterans

Hire veterans to work in your own business or company. Unemployment among US veterans is a real problem and social issue that deserves attention; share the message that veterans are welcome and encouraged to apply for opportunities with your business. Veterans make exemplary employees, too; they are trained in skills like leadership and team building which can make them a great fit for a lot of different industries. There are also tax incentives available in some instances for companies that hire veterans.  

Share Your Experiences

Talk about and endorse veteran-owned businesses on your favorite social media platforms and pages. Eating lunch at a veteran-owned restaurant? Share a pic or tweet a photo of your lunch for others to find and visit.


Create a network and partner-up with a veteran-owned business. Offer your own customers discounts or incentives to purchase or hire other veteran-owned establishments in the area; this collaboration may earn all businesses involved more customers and revenues over time.

Are you a veteran-owned business? Consider these tips to support and endorse fellow veteran entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses widely. For information on obtaining funding or other finance-related queries, talk to the industry experts at DrawBridge Capital.